A word about pointed pen...

Modern calligraphy and lettering is organic and unique, and each letter form is every-so-slightly different. Handwritten wording is not as uniform as printed work, but it is this uniqueness that makes it even more beautiful to me. Interested? Let's talk!

Costs below are provided as baseline estimates only. Since all work is custom, a quote will be provided after an initial consultation and will be based on the style and parameters of your individual project.

Addressing and Lettering
Outer Envelope (4 lines)                     $2.50 and up
Inner Envelope (name only - 1 line)    $1.25 and up
Return Address (4 lines)                      $2.25 and up
Place Card (1 line)                                 $1.25 and up
Table Numbers (4x6 or 5x7)                $5 each

NOTE: All inks are waterproof. For a specific color or metallic ink, add a $10 ink fee.

Other Custom Work
Wood Reception Signs                          $55 and up
Monograms/Crest Design                    $75 and up
Custom Return Address Stamp             $45 and up


Guest Lists, Addresses, Etc.
If you have received a quote and are ready to proceed, please email your guest list/addresses/other info in an Excel or Word Document written exactly the way you want your materials to read. As for envelopes, people now prefer different levels of formality, so I will letter things exactly as you send to me. Check, check, and recheck that they are correct!

Papers & Envelopes
There are many different papers out there, but cotton-based papers with very little texture are best for pointed pen. You can check with your printer to see if your envelopes or other papers work well for calligraphy. (In particular, papers that have been "sized" are best. This means they have been pressed and don't absorb the wet ink as much.) If you have any question about how your envelope will take ink, send me a sample. I'm happy to test your paper at no charge and let you know how it looks. (Most invitation companies will offer samples for free or at minimal cost.)

Extra Envelopes or Materials
I like to have 5-10 extra envelopes, as guests are often added. (And having a few extra helps in case I make a mistake, though I try hard not to.) Having extra materials up front also allows me to keep going without missing a beat! All unused papers will be returned to you.

Materials Delivery
If you're in the immediate Pensacola area, I'm happy to coordinate pickup and delivery of your materials at no additional charge. If you're outside the area, you will need to ship them to me. I'll provide you with a mailing address at that time. *Customers pay to/return shipping for projects. If required, this cost will be estimated in a custom quote.

Turnaround Time
Usually it takes me 3 weeks to complete most projects, depending on the scope and my workload. Projects are started only after all materials are received.

**Rush please! If you need a project within 2 weeks, a rush fee of 15% of the final project cost will be added.

Projects above $500 require 50% deposit prior to work beginning; otherwise, full payment is required at the time of project completion. I use PayPal to send and process invoices because it's secure and private on both ends. I will email you an invoice and you can pay via your own PayPal account or with any major credit card.